Secret Lives

Secret Lives. 1. 1913. 

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1913 is the first book in the Secret Lives series set in England and Europe before and through the Great War.

Having risked her liberty for the sake of the cause Lady Frances Ashbourne is terrified her parent’s will find out. Her friend Lettie Hallenby has no such qualms. Women’s suffrage means everything to her so she is horrified to find out that Francis parents have ordered her to marry, especially when Francis won’t explain why.

The Hon Edward Pemberton is in even more trouble than usual. But this time he can’t see a way out. Desperate to avoid the consequences of his action he comes up with a solution that will come to haunt him.

Having fallen in love with Max Sommer, a penniless artist, Rosa Blum is sure she can eventually persuade her parents to accept him. If only she can keep him away from them until he makes his fortune… But her parents have other ideas and when he disappears she is devastated. Will she ever find love again?

Lucrecia Rossi had never intended for the accident to happen, but it had and now someone was dead, and it was all her fault. Will her father and brother support her or is her life over?

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