Secret Lives


Secret Lives

Part one of a six part series set in England and Europe.

Times are changing…

Lady Frances Ashbourne and her friend Lettie Hallenby risk everything for the sake of Women’s Suffrage, but when Frances’ parents order her to marry to save the family fortune, will she give up her principles, as well as her freedom?

Lord Edward Pemberton has gone too far. Rather than just bedding his latest conquest, he’s married her and now he needs to find a way out, especially as his parents have just suggested he find himself a wife. But will his desperate solution have unforeseen consequences?

Rosa Blum is madly in love with penniless artist Max Sommer, but when her parents find out, they decide to pay him off, rather than let him ruin their daughter’s life. Rosa is heartbroken when Max disappears and throws herself into her music, hoping that one day love will find her again. But secrets rarely remain hidden for ever…..

Lucrecia Rossi didn’t mean to push the count’s son over the cliff edge, and she wouldn’t have done, if he hadn’t tried to rape her… a second time. Now, she needs to escape, and her father and brother have the perfect plan. All they need to do is to move away and their troubles will be far behind them…

This is the first of a six part chronicle, telling the stories of several individuals and their families during the build-up to and through the First World War.

1914 – published 31st August 2018

1915 – published 19th October 2018

1916 – published 14th December 2018

1917 – published 8th February 2019

1918 – published April 2019