Carole McEntee-Taylor MA Phil; BSc (Hons) 

Hi and welcome to my website.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the pages. You will find details of books I have written, those I am currently working on and those I have published for other people. There is also a little information about me.

I am an author and publisher of military history, historical fiction,  memoirs and spiritual books. I also offer ghost writing, editing, proof reading and publishing services.

Now available to buy:

Love, Resistance, Betrayal

Love, Resistance, Betrayal is a mixture of fact and fiction, based on the true story of Gavino Luna (stage name: Gavino de Lunas), a famous Sardinian poet and singer who became a war hero, fought against the regime that ruined his country and was ultimately betrayed.  Although Gavino’s resistance activities in Italy are well known, little is known about his private life and who betrayed him.

I was asked to write a book about his life by his granddaughter. It is a mixture of fact and fiction in a similar way to Lives Apart. A WW2 Chronicle and A One Way Ticket. Gavino’s life is fascinating, an incredibly brave man who risked his life so many times for others. Its a real honour to have been asked to write about him.

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Secret Lives

Important message for those who bought the first five books of Secret Lives (1913, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917). The series has now been republished but you can still have a free copy of 1918. Just click on the link.

I have also written a Biography of John Doubleday in his book: Work

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