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I hope you enjoy browsing through the pages. You will find details of books I have written, those I am currently working on and those I have published for other people. There is also a little information about me.

I am an author and publisher of military history, historical fiction,  memoirs and spiritual books. I also offer ghost writing, editing, proof reading and publishing services

Latest books

Dark Eagles Rising


The War is over, but peace is further away than ever. Across Europe the fear of communism leads to the rise of nationalism and the Treaty of Versailles sows the seeds for the next conflict.

Horry’s War

21 years old when Britain went to war in 1939, Horace was just one, among a million others, sent to fight, and if necessary to die, for King and country, in a foreign field. Shipped out to the Middle East at the end of 1940, Horry saw action in the first two years of the war when it seemed that ultimate defeat was staring Britain in the face. Two years later, in October 1942, Horace was part of the army which turned the tide in Britain’s favour in a decisive battle at a godforsaken location in the Egyptian desert called El Alamein. For more information about the author, Kevin Trott, click here

Hunting Shadows: A Family’s War

Hunting Shadows: A Family at War, is a mix of fact and fiction, inspired by the true story of five members of the same family who fought for their country during the Second World War. See reviews

My Ashes to Yours: Eternal Love

Book 7 in the Real Lives. Memories in Print series is a story of courage and endurance, of survival against the odds and a story of love. But above all it is the story of an ordinary man who survived hell on earth.

Ploegsteert Memorial by Paul Chapman

Book 10 in Paul’s incredible series, In Memory & in Mourning.

A Unique Military Career by Lt Col Julian Crowe

A fascinating book outlining an unusual career which includes MCTC, HMYOI Colchester and Kosovo

Love, Resistance, Betrayal

Gavino Luna is already a famous war hero in Sardinia and Italy and now his fame is spreading world wide.

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I have also written a Biography of John Doubleday in his book: Work

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