Other Services

I also offer editing, proof reading and publishing services. For more information please email me on mybooks at carolemctbooks.info (at is @ no spaces)

What is the difference between editing and proof reading?

Editing addresses issues like sentence construction and clarity of language to improve readability. It can also involve word reduction and is essentially a collaboration between the author and the editor to make the text the best it can be. However, I feel your work should reflect your voice not mine as its important that you are happy with the finished result. Editing continues until the draft is considered ready for publication.

Proof reading is normally done after editing and mainly concentrates on resolving errors in grammar and spelling – the dreaded typos. It is less time consuming, not as collaborative and costs less.

How much does it cost?

Some editors and proof readers charge per 1,000 words, others charge per hour, others charge per project. I normally charge per project so if you want a quote please email me at the above email address with word count and details of the project with a very small sample (around 1000 words so I can see how you write is perfect) and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

Why do I charge per project?

Mainly because I can’t clock watch – if I get involved in something I’ll probably forget the time and also there’s no way of proving how many hours I’ve spent which can lead to confusion. Secondly, some projects are going to be less time consuming than others, hence the reason I ask for a small sample.

I can also help with self publishing, either kindle, eBooks, paperbacks or hardbacks. If you would like to know more please contact me at the above email.