Ghost Writing

Ghost Writing

Have a great idea but need someone else to write it for you?

I ghost write novels, spiritual books and other non-fiction, specialising in docu-dramas, a mix of fact and fiction – See Lives Apart; A One Way Ticket; Love, Resitance, Betrayal; Hunting Shadows. I also write straight historical fiction and military history and, like the docu-dramas, these  mainly cover 20th Century history  –  both World Wars, the Spanish Civil War and even the Vietnam War.

What is a ghost writer?

A ghost writer is someone you pay to write a book for you. You are hiring someone who has the skill and expertise you need in the same way you would hire an electrician, a mechanic or anyone else to provide you with a service. Your name goes on the cover as author, and you own the copyright. Once you have paid the full amount agreed between you and the ghost writer the book belongs to you. You can either find a publisher or self-publish it. The ghost writer does not claim any authorship over the book and is not allowed to say they wrote it unless you give permission.

If you ghost write my book, do you guarantee it will sell a given number of copies?

No. Once the book is written, and you have paid in full, the ghost writer’s job is done. The book then belongs to you, as does the responsibility for publishing, marketing etc. If you decide to self-publish I can help with that, either by explaining the process so you can do it yourself or I can publish the book for you as part of your contract – see Flexibility (below)

How much does it cost to hire a ghost writer?

Ghost writers have several ways of charging for their work. Some charge per word, per page, others per project. Read this link to give you an idea of charges and how it works

I charge a fixed amount per project and the client pays in instalments, with the final amount paid on delivery of the completed book.

How do you choose a ghost writer?

The most important thing is to do your homework. Find a ghost writer and then check out other books they have written in their own name. Most authors have a particular style, a way of expressing themselves, and its vitally important to make sure you like that way of writing before hiring them. I’m quite versatile, but while it’s not too difficult to write in someone else’s voice with non-fiction, it’s much harder to do that with fiction.


One size does not always fit all so I also offer a service in which my name goes on the cover as joint author with you and we share copyright. We would agree this before I start work and our contract would state that clearly. I can also publish the book for you in paperback and kindle and eBook form, which again would form part of your contract.

What is the difference between me paying you to ghost write my memoirs and the books in the series Real Lives. Memories in Print?

For Real Lives. Memories in Print you write the book yourself and it will carry your name on the cover and mine as editor. I do not charge to edit and publish these because I keep any royalties from sales towards costs and I retain copyright as the publisher. The idea behind this series is to preserve our history, not to make any money.

Unless we have agreed something different, if you pay me to write a book for you my name does NOT appear on the cover with yours, any royalties the book make after you publish it, either yourself or through a publisher, are entirely yours. Once I have received payment for ghost writing a book, I hand it over to you, the same as I would if I had sold you any other commodity. I have nothing else to do with it.

Will you ghost write a book for me for a share of the royalties?

Not unless you are very famous and even then, I would have to think about it! Most books sell under a thousand copies, with royalties at around 35p for a 99p kindle copy and around the same for a £9.99 paperback. I write quite quickly but to write a full length novel could take up to six months, maybe longer if there’s a lot of research needed, so you are paying me to work for you for that length of time. This is my full time job. It’s how I make my living and pay my bills. Would you agree to work for six months or longer without knowing if you will get paid or on the off chance of earning some money?

If you would like more information, or you would like to write a book for Real Lives. Memories in Print, please contact me via mybooks @  (no spaces)