I began writing The Cat & The Nightingale Saga to cheer up my father in law, Ted, after he had a massive stroke in 2008. Despite numerous approaches I could not find a publisher but was asked to write a non-fiction account of Ted’s experiences which I did and The Weekend Trippers was the result. The publisher then went bust! Having already written three volumes of the Saga, something I thoroughly enjoyed doing, I decided to keep writing them and publish them myself and I did the same for The Weekend Trippers.

Ted Taylor

Writing ‘The Weekend Trippers’ and ‘The Cat & The Nightingale Saga’ provided the perfect opportunity to combine my love of writing with a long standing interest in world politics, history and Britain’s military campaigns, particularly the forgotten battles and their participants. Coincidentally my own father, Anthony McEntee, served in 2nd Bn The Rifle Brigade in the British Army of Occupation in Germany from 1945 – 47. His path and Ted’s would have crossed at some point as Ted was also in the 2nd Bn Rifle Brigade in Germany at the same time, having re-enlisted in 1946.

     Anthony McEntee

In 2012 I met Michael Turner who was raising money for a statue in Walton on the Naze Essex to Herbert Columbine VC. I began writing Herbert’s biography which was subsequently published by Pen and Sword. They have also published my other military histories including the rewrite of The Weekend Trippers, now renamed Surviving The Nazi Onslaught.

In January 2016 I moved to North Lincolnshire with my husband David and now write full time. Prior to that we lived in North East Essex and I worked at the Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC)  in Colchester for 9 years. David is ex 2nd Bn Royal Green Jackets (KRRC) and TA 71 Yeomanry Signals Regt (V) and worked for the Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA). Together with David I have also written two spiritual books, The Re-Enlightenment and The Holiday from Hell, both of which are available as eBooks and in print. See Spiritual for more details.

I also really enjoy writing fiction. To date I have written 23 novels: two five book series, one six book series, one four book series and one stand alone murder mystery. Lives Apart and A One way Ticket are a mixture of fact and fiction, based on the lives of real people, Obsession is based on a true story about missing POWs while Secret Lives and Betrayed are pure fiction.

I have recently written two more books that are a mix of fact and fiction: one is about a Sardinian Resistance hero, Gavino Luna, called Love, Resistance, Betrayal and the latest book, about the Corbin family, Hunting Shadows. A Family at War will be published soon.

In 2002 I started publishing a series called Real Lives. Memories in Print as a way of keeping our history alive and Published by CaroleMcT which publishes books for other authors. If you have a book that you think would fit into either of these categories, please contact me at:  mybooks at carolemctbooks.info (at = @ no spaces)

Carole McEntee-Tayor MA Phil; BSc (Hons)