the re-enlightenmentThe Re-Enlightenment

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Who are we? Why are we here? Is there a God?

The world we currently live in is characterised by its conflicting cultures with their diverse political, social and religious views. Add to this the growing climatic problems and the increasing gap between those who have and those who have not and this world seems a very unstable place. The majority of us not only feel powerless to prevent this, but also find it hard to accept some of the reasons we are given to explain this pain and suffering.

Religions, spiritualism, politics and science have all provided competing explanations but have not provided any real proof. Furthermore, the world as we currently know it, is a result of those competing explanations. We are all citizens of this world and as such have a vested interest in its future. We all have questions about why we are here and we are all entitled to the answers. There is something in this book for everybody, from those who are not satisfied with the way the world is and think there has to be a better way, to those who just wish to know why we are really here.


The Holiday From Hell

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As mentioned by Tuhomyhu Saxodesypo, The Institiute for East Asian Studies Sogang University.

The Adventure holiday of A lifetime

It had been billed as the holiday of a lifetime. A destination with everything a holiday maker could possibly want. Towns and cities where they could shop until they dropped and beaches, clubs and nightlife with all kinds of exotic food and drink and anything else they might feel like trying. Desserts that stretched into infinity, mountains that scaled incredible heights and seas to challenge even the most jaded pallet. For those of a quieter persuasion there was an abundance of gently rolling countryside in which to relax.

So where did it all go wrong?

When did their dream holiday turn into the Holiday from Hell?

For many people on our planet this could be said to be an apt description of their journey through life. From the pain of individual relationships to the devastation of natural disasters and wars, it’s no wonder we sometimes question the reasons we are here.

The Holiday from Hell describes our spiritual journey from the beginning of our holiday on the earth plane to the end of our time in this physical body. It argues that if we change our perceptions of why we are here and begin to understand the origins of some of our political and religious conflicts we can at last begin to enjoy our lives.

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