1917 – in the process of being republished

Part five of the six part series set in England and Europe

While Henrietta seeks solace in an unlikely source, Frances starts to wonder whether happiness will ever be hers. Meanwhile Lettie begins the long and arduous search for the truth.

As Florrie’s training continues, events take an unwelcome turn, and she must act before things get out of hand. Elsewhere, Thomas faces danger, but not from bombs, bullets, or gas.

Ludwig’s safe return has brought nothing but disappointment for Rosa and increasingly she finds her thoughts drifting elsewhere.

Max’s injuries aren’t healing well, and his marriage has disintegrated, leaving him facing an uncertain future, but life is set to take an unexpected turn.

Her new-found freedom has brought many changes for Lucrecia, but boredom has become her worst enemy, until the arrival of a new face changes everything.

Dedrich’s search has reached Petrograd, but the country is in chaos. Is he too late? And more importantly, is he trapped?