4. 1916. Old book cover and links removed as the series is in the process of being republished.

Part four of the six part series set in England and Europe.

With Eddie now training pilots in Scotland and Henrietta away in Ireland, Frances takes advantage of their absence to find some happiness of her own at last, only to find it interrupted by the arrival of a grief-stricken Thomas.

Uncertain what to do about Henrietta, Oliver tries to focus on his work, but the boundaries of his personal life and his duty cross over, putting both himself and Henrietta in mortal danger.

While Florrie trains to become a theatre nurse, Lettie finds love in the most unexpected quarter.

Having made the decision to go and find Ludwig, Rosa waits impatiently for the day of her departure, little realising the dangers she’s going to face.

Missing Max, who is still facing hardships of his own on the front lines, Steffi waits patiently for the birth of their child, amid rationing and shortages that threaten her very existence.

Following her recent successes, Lucrecia’s husband breaks some shocking news to her that will change her life forever.

This is the fourth part of a six part chronicle, telling the stories of several individuals and their families during the build up to and through the First World War.