4. 1916

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Revised and re-edited 2nd Edition

1916 is the fourth book in the Secret Lives series set in England and Europe before and through the Great War.

Thomas arrives home looking for sympathy only to find Henrietta missing. Francis has finally started to enjoy herself but then Eddie suddenly returns bringing suspicion and violence.


Lettie’s life is about to change completely. But not in the way she expected.

Henrietta tries to find Oliver, a decision she will come to regret as their meeting has terrible consequences.

Rosa has finally worked out the meaning of her message. But will her decision to follow her instincts be the right one?

Stefi is missing Max although she has the birth of her child to look forward to. But conditions are worsening in Germany leaving her in danger.

Lucrecia’s husband is about to make some life changing decisions, but are they the right ones for Lucrecia?

All books contain adult content