2. 1914. Old book cover and links removed as the series is in the process of being republished.

Part two of the six part series set in England and Europe.

Frances faces the reality of a loveless marriage to Eddie, while envying her brother, Thomas’s happiness with his wife, Henrietta. However, Thomas hides a dark secret, one of which even Henrietta remains in ignorance. Frustrated and confused, Henrietta consoles herself in the arms of another man… a man whose lifestyle could end up putting her in more danger than she could ever imagine.
Meanwhile, Eddie continues his relationship with Concetta, focused solely on revenge, until she gives him some unexpected news.

Rosa is now looking forward to her marriage to Ludwig, not realising that he’s keeping something from her… something that will change their lives forever.

Max has settled in Germany with Adolf and found a new lover. But can he really forget Rosa?

Lucrecia finds escape from her nightmares in singing, and through that, she meets the man who can make all her dreams come true. All she has to do is trust him.

This is the second part of a six part chronicle, telling the stories of several individuals and their families during the building up to and through the First World War.