1. The Awakening

2nd Revised Edition

The Awakening is the first book in 5 part series, Obsession, which tells the stories of five families across England, Germany and Poland from the 1920s through to the aftermath of WW2.

When his best friend Mike Jacobs joins the International Brigades in Spain, Rob Davies is torn between supporting his best friend or staying with his new love, Annie Parker. Not wanting to come between friends Annie chooses for him, a decision she may live to regret.

Hans Kohl think he has left the nightmares behind, but his dreams aren’t easily banished and lead to violence and death. His sister Karin also wants to leave the past behind, but is marriage to Andreas really the answer? Gerhard Emmet is determined to fight fascism, despite the dangers that will bring to his parents in Berlin. But will that decision come back to haunt him?

The threat of war casts a shadow over the lives of Wiktor Sosnkowski and his family. Sons Stani and Alek are determined to fight for their country, a decision that changes their lives forever, while eldest daughter Felcia falls in love, a love that will place her in great danger. As Germany and the Soviet Union tear the country apart, middle daughter Raisa chooses the easy option, or is it?

Contains adult content.

Obsession is inspired by the thousands of Allied POWs who disappeared from Eastern Europe at the end of WW2, believed to have been captured by Soviet forces and taken to the Gulags.

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Book 2 – The Quickening

Book 3 – The Deepening

Book 4 – The Consuming

Book 5 – The Reckoning