Obsession: The Quickening

2nd Revised Edition

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The Quickening is the second book in 5 part series, Obsession, which tells the stories of five families across England, Germany and Poland from the 1920s through to the aftermath of WW2.

Rob and Mike had hoped they had done enough fighting, but then they find themselves in Calais in May 1940. As the news from Europe deteriorates Annie tries to keep herself distracted, but nothing can prepare her for what is about to come.

Hans behaviour is growing worse and then he becomes obsessed for the one Jew he thinks has escaped him. Meanwhile Karin is in love, but will she still feel the same when she realises her lover has lied to her? With their son forced to fight for a cause he hates Gerhard’s parents try to protect him by taking even more risks. But Gerhard is not defeated and unable to accept the growing brutality against the Jews in Warsaw, he risks everything.

Felcia’s life becomes a fight for survival as she is separated from her son and sold into slavery by the Soviet Union. Unable to see an end to her never ending nightmare she dreams of escape until one day she receives a surprising answer. Raisa tells herself she is doing the right thing to help her family through the occupation, but when they don’t agree she makes a decision that she will eventually live to regret.

Contains adult content

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