Obsession: The Consuming

2nd Revised Edition

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The Consuming is the fourth book in 5 part series, Obsession, which tells the stories of five families across England, Germany and Poland from the 1920s through to the aftermath of WW2.

Annie seems to have everything she wants, a happy life with Sam and a job she enjoys. But then her old friend Daisy reappears needing help.

Rob has somehow survived Majdanek concentration camp, but each day his chances to remain alive are reducing. Fearing he will never see Felcia again Rob has almost given up when he is suddenly given a second chance. Having discovered where Rob is incarcerated Felcia too has lost hope, so she can hardly believe her good fortune, but its not long before the war causes yet more heartbreak.

With the war coming to a close Hans decides its time to leave, but first he needs to make sure Karin is safe. With Gerhard missing and the Soviets rapidly approaching Franz determines to protect his wife and the woman his son loves. The two men form an uneasy alliance, but their decisions leave their women in terrible danger.

Contains adult content

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