Obsession: The Reckoning


2nd Revised edition

The Reckoning is the fifth and final book in 5 part series, Obsession, which tells the stories of five families across England, Germany and Poland from the 1920s through to the aftermath of WW2.

Its 1954, Neil knows Daisy is bored with him, but his search to put some excitement into their lives will ruin everything. Annie’s life has settled into a pattern and she’s happy. Then one morning Sam is at work, the children are at school, Annie opens the front door and the world suddenly stops turning.

Somehow Rob has survived against all the odds but he is now torn between the two separate parts of his life and can’t make up his mind when he wants to be. Nor can he persuade the authorities to do anything about his fellow POWs. And then he discovers that the man who was responsible for all his suffering is alive and free and he has another decision to make…

Hans has spent too long in exile and he wants to come home. But how can he do that without getting arrested for war crimes? Karin misses her brother but his reappearance triggers nightmares from their past. Will they finally have a chance to put everything to rest or is it too late?

In Soviet occupied Poland Felcia is still hoping to find her son and for Rob to come back, but the Iron Curtain has severed the links between east and west, leaving a successful outcome even less likely. But fate has one more hand to play and suddenly Felcia realises that everything is possible.

Contains adult content



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