Veterans’ Causes

The following are some Veterans’ Good Causes that really need your support. Please take some time to visit their websites and if you can help I know it will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

The Invicta Foundation is raising money to build a new home that will accommodate wounded soldiers and their families before rehabilitation. It is the brainchild of Stephen Hall, whose son Ashley lost both legs in an explosion in Afghanistan. They need to raise £500,000 and are looking for donations from companies and individuals, plus sponsors for building materials and specialist equipment. Click here to find out what exactly happened to Ashley.

The Memorial at Peninsular Barracks in Winchester is raising money to build a memorial to remember, honour and salute those that are now resting High on a Hill at the Final RV, having lost their lives whilst serving with the Regiment during the years 1958-2007.  As Fiction or Legend says – King Arthur lives on in Winchester and is remembered and visited daily… The (Royal) Green Jackets of Legend do not want to be forgotten in the City of Winchester and Peninsula Barracks; we were and still are LEGEND

The Rifles Benevolent Trust provides welfare support to all ranks of the new Regiment and of its founding and antecedent Regiments.

GDSM Jamie Janes Trust In October 2009 GDSM Jamie Janes was leading a foot patrol in Central Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Just 2 weeks into his tour Jamie was fatally wounded when an IED was detonated. Other members of his patrol battled to fight off an attack from insurgents before being able to evacuate Jamie. GDSM Janes died on the way to hospital. Jamie’s mother Jacqui is setting up the GDSM Jamie Janes Trust in honour of her hero son. The trust will raise money to help provide care and support for veterans and families of the British Army. Project 65 – The Veterans Charity is proud to be involved in helping Jacqui and the rest of Jamie’s family to get this wonderful project up and running. All donations made to this page will be passed onto the GDSM Jamie Janes Trust.

Afghan Heroes   On the front line –  to support all our service personnel operating in theatre in Afghanistan. To provide the much needed “home comfort“ supplies and gifts to those service personnel. To promote and embrace a new initiative “Thank The Troops” to ensure our soldiers know they are not alone. On the home-front – Support groups for the families of the fallen. Regional network groups. Charity events so they can come together. In each of all of these tasks, we aim to work with the military authorities to ensure the right support reaches the right people at the right time. The second phase of our mission is to help those who have returned from Afghanistan to overcome difficulties by: Support for the Returning Troops – With the intention of providing emotional, psychological help through support groups for all returning soldiers and families of the fallen. Help with vocational training, including: IT equipment, computers and printers. Assisting other minor charities in their work. Creating a lasting legacy in support of our operations in Afghanistan. This is their promotional video and is absolutely brilliant Afghan Heroes

Holidays4Heroes Our activities have included getting a number of veterans off the streets, helping out with job applications, buying back medals sold due to financial crises and almost everything else in between. Our rapid reaction time and can do attitude has amazed the existing service charities and we work in close conjunction with them.

For those injured on operations, the bereaved and their families Holidays4Heroes will: Raise funds to cover flights, transfers, insurance, taxes and perhaps even a bit of spending money. Work with the expatriate and holiday accommodation community, either gaining significant discounts or managing donations of a free week or three. Work with the Regimental and Corps family support and welfare officers, RBL and SSAFA to identify suitable cases, sort out the administration and generally make sure all they have to do is remember their toothbrushes.

Holidays4Heroes and Sgt Slingsby are not registered charities, but not for profit organisations. This approach allows us to minimise administration costs and provide a rapid response to urgent cases

Operation Braveheart exists to help to support and bring care to all of our forces and their families, we actively support at the moment seven forces charities. Operation Braveheart will be a series of events rallies and concerts in support of our servicemen and women. These will be held around the South West, and Devon in the first instance will lead the way to start with, but my hope is that many people will take up the banner from around the country and help me to also make things happen all over the UK. These will take the form of musical events with pop bands, stars and celebrities, and shows which I hope schools and colleges will put on. MP’s and other speakers will I hope be taking part, also the public will be taking a big part in these events by coming along to, to listen to the singers and bands playing their hearts out, and listening to the speakers. Operation Braveheart also operates a lottery club which you can join for only £2 a month.