Revised 2nd Edition

Retribution is the fifth and final book in Lives Apart. A WW2 Chronicle. The five book series is a mixture of fact and fiction inspired by the true story of Rifleman Ted Taylor and his fiancée Brenda, through WW2. All books have photos at the back and this part has a summary of Ted and Brenda’s life after the war.

As the war heads towards its final violent conclusion Joe’s nightmare continues until fate gives him a chance to help someone. But first he has to survive the death march across Europe in sub-zero temperatures. Having endured five years of deprivation, starvation and ill treatment can he really make it home?

Peggy is convinced the authorities have made a mistake, but her determination to prove that puts her life and that of the man she loves in danger. With nowhere else to go Peggy find herself back where she started, but will she really be able to pick up the pieces of her life, and even more important does she really want to?

Marcel’s new friend has a secret, one that will lead to a terrible war crime he is powerless to prevent. But the darkness has other surprises and Marcel is delighted to find an old friend. On returning to England he discovers there is one more consequence of his marriage he hadn’t considered, a problem that forces him to take matters into his own hands.

Louis is finally reunited with the love of his life, but as he settles into the post war peace he has no idea that he has one more battle to fight. A battle that he must win if any of his extended family are to enjoy the future.

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