3. Love.  

Revised 2nd Edition


Love is the third book in Lives Apart. A WW2 Chronicle. The five part series is a mixture of fact and fiction inspired by the true story of Rifleman Ted Taylor and his fiancée Brenda, through WW2. All books have photos at the back.

Joe struggles to accept the continual casual brutality of their guards, but even more worrying are the strange letters he is receiving. He is still trying to work out the truth when the post brings yet more bad news and this time he needs to act quickly, or he will lose everything.

Although Peggy’s friendship with Chris is growing, he still wants more than she is prepared to give. But Peggy has more important worries. Her new friend Rosie urgently needs help, but so does a terrified Molly who suddenly arrives in the middle of the night.

Olive thinks her problems are over when Kurt comes to visit, but as the bodies mount up it leads to an unexpected outcome.

Despite his friends attempt to dissuade him, Marcel is determined to do the right thing even though it’s breaking his heart. But his decision has surprising consequences.

Marie is torn between hating the enemy and her growing feelings for Heinz, but Louis is even more confused, especially when the German goes out of his way to help him. It could assist in his fight against the occupiers, but if Louis is wrong it could put them all in even more danger.

Brigitte arrives in Paris and decides her decision to help Louis was a mistake, but it doesn’t take long for her to realise it is not Louis who is the mistake.

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