Dangerous Territory

A One Way Ticket

Book 3

Dangerous Territory

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Inspired by the true story of Bill Young, A One Way Ticket is a four book series mixing fact and fiction. Photos are included in every book and Bill’s true story is at the end of book 4, Journey’s End.

After a V1 lands on a house in London Jacob is horrified to discover the bodies of several children. But is Tilly’s sister one of them? His investigations lead him to Halford Manor and he begins to unravel a diabolical plot.

The war is finally over and after overseeing the surrender of German U-Boats and working on troopships Bill returns to civilian life. Having argued with Nora over her choice of husband he decides to do something to help find her missing daughter. But will his plan lead to more trouble?

Nora heads to America with her new husband but soon realises she has made a terrible mistake. Not only is she is in danger of losing her son, her life is at risk.

Levi decides to use his training to help his people fight for their homeland and is delighted when Tilly goes with him. But their plan to help is threatened by the sudden arrival of Kessel.

Eva has survived and met up with her brothers, Claus and Konrad and they try to cross into the western section of Berlin. Konrad has arranged papers with an old acquaintance not realising that Harald Backer has his own agenda.

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