Changing Fortunes

A One Way Ticket

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Book 2

Changing Fortunes

Inspired by the true story of Bill Young, A One Way Ticket is a four book series mixing fact and fiction. Photos are included in every book and Bill’s true story is at the end of book 4, Journey’s End.

Bill is now on HMS Keats and has fallen in love. But his nightmares are growing worse as does his feeling that he is jinxed and anyone who gets close to him gets hurt. His sister Nora’s nightmares are only just beginning but then she meets Hank and dares to believe that her life is about to change for the better.

Francis agrees Levi is wasting his talents working at Trent Park so he receives special training and is sent to Germany to find Nazi scientists before they are kidnapped by the Russians and Americans. Levi is convinced that the Nazis will get away with their crimes so has no qualms when he is asked to kill a biological weapons specialist. But things are not what they seem and his search leads to a dangerous change of direction.

Suspecting Jacob is a British spy Clemens uses him to ask for Allied help with the July 20 plot to kill Hitler. Having fallen in love Jacob has married Clemens’ daughter Eva and after the plot fails Clemens asks Jacob to take Eva to the Allies. They reach Calais but are separated and before Jacob can do anything Eva is evacuated back to Berlin.
Tilly’s work in Amsterdam working as part of an escape line for downed allied pilots comes under threat when Heinz Kessel recognises her. Intending to rescue her Francis sends Tilly to Berlin to find Eva, but has he sent her into trap?

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