Lives Apart: A World War II Chronicle

Lives Apart. A WW2 Chronicle.

Book 1

Revised and re-edited 2nd Edition.


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Separation is the first book in Lives Apart. A WW2 Chronicle. The five book series is a mixture of fact and fiction inspired by the true story of Rifleman Ted Taylor and his fiancée Brenda, through WW2. All books have photos in the back.

As Joe Price heads towards Calais in May 1940 he has no idea how his life is about to change or how long it will be before he sees his fiancée, Peggy, again. Fortunately, he has no idea that it isn’t just Peggy he is leaving behind. As his situation rapidly deteriorates Joe determines to risk everything to send a message home.

Peggy is sure Joe is safe in Suffolk and just too lazy to write, so it is a considerable shock to find out he is in the thick of the fighting in France. As the news worsens, and with no way of knowing if Joe is alive or dead, Peggy is grateful for support from a new friend.

Olive’s German boyfriend has to leave the country when war starts, but he has found a way she can keep in touch. Olive has no intention of letting the war interfere, not when she’s waited so long for love, but Olive has upset too many people and everything she has built up begins to slowly unravel.

Determined to escape to England and carry on the fight, Marcel joins the thousands of refugees fleeing from the German advance in France. Thankful for the support of his new friends Marcel’s confidence grows, and as he nears the coast he doesn’t think twice about risking his life.


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2. Change 

3. Love 

4. Deception 


Was previously published under the title The Cat & The Nightingale Saga which was written as a docu drama and based closely on the diaries of my in-laws.  This was withdrawn when I  fictionalized it with lots of new material, including  adult content for the first edition. Although inspired by my in-laws’ story the characters are now totally ficticious.