Revised and re-edited 2nd Edition


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It was bad enough having a serial murderer lose in Berlin, but when the latest victim is his sister Sabine’s best friend Rachel, Otto is devasted. But even more worrying is Sabine’s growing friendship with Ari, Rachel’s brother. In Nazi Germany being friends with a Jewish family is not a good idea, being in love is asking for trouble.

Once war starts Berlin becomes even more dangerous, the killer doesn’t seem to care about the victim’s race, but the Nazis do. As Sabine’s family grow more concerned about the situation, they hatch a plan that will have far reaching consequences into the future, not just for Sabine and Ari but for the whole family.

Betrayed begins in 1930s Berlin and ends in post war Palestine as the true extent of her family’s betrayal finally comes to light.

This book contains adult content.