A One Way Ticket

New Beginnings

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A One Way Ticket

Book 1

Inspired by the true story of Bill Young, A One Way Ticket is a four book series mixing fact and fiction. Photos are included in every book and Bill’s true story is at the end of book 4, Journey’s End.

Bill Young is caught in a police trap while trying to rob a jewellers shop in Douglas, The Isle of Man and given a choice of approved school or the Armed Forces. After joining the Royal Navy he finds himself protecting convoys in the Atlantic before being sent to the Mediterranean. But bad luck seems to follow him and he begins to wonder if he is jinxed.

Tilly Weber had always craved excitement although murder was not part of the plan. But the world is rapidly changing and Tilly finds herself in the forefront of the fight against the Nazis. However, Tilly is torn between duty and family. Her sister Dot was evacuated at the beginning of the war and has gone missing.

Jacob Goldsmith has gone to Berlin to rescue his cousin Sura and her family. But is he too late? As Jacob is drawn into the dangerous world of intelligence, his life will never be the same again.

Bill’s sister Nora gets a job at the internment camps on the island and meets Tilly who recruits her to act as go between and give Jacob any information she finds out. They discover a Nazi plot to kidnap the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, but will they be in time?

Changing Fortunes 

Dangerous Territory

Journey’s End

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Cover design by Flintlock Covers An excellent service, highly recommended.

Amazon.co.uk won’t sell paperback versions of  book 1 New Beginnings and book 4 Journey’s End because the covers have swastikas on. You can buy them from Amazon.com or from me direct. My current price for both books including UK postage = £24 in total. Contact me via email or message me on Facebook to make arrangements.