3. 1915. Old book cover and links removed as the series is in the process of being republished.

Part three of the six part series set in England and Europe.

Eddie has joined the RFC, leaving Frances to manage the estate by herself. She enjoys the freedom and finds new distractions, just where she was least expecting them.
Henrietta has been dreading telling Thomas her secret, but as the truth emerges, she’s even more worried about keeping her news from Oliver.
And as Lettie and Florrie leave to join the VAD, Guiseppe receives news which will change his life forever.

With Ludwig missing, and the birth of her child imminent, Rosa faces an uncertain future, but a chance encounter and a mysterious message make unexpected demands, altering the course of her destiny.

While Max faces danger on the front lines, Steffi must manage by herself, as food shortages start to take effect and life at home becomes much harder.

Lucrecia’s singing career flourishes, but her marriage to Afro isn’t exactly what she’d anticipated, and she misses her family. Still, she’s chosen her path. She has to see it through to the end…

This is the third part of a six part chronicle, telling the stories of several individuals and their families during the building up to and through the First World War.