4. Deception. 

Revised 2nd Edition


Deception is the fourth book in Lives Apart. A WW2 Chronicle. The five book series is a mixture of fact and fiction inspired by the true story of Rifleman Ted Taylor and his fiancée Brenda, through WW2. All books have photos at the back.

Joe is desperate and determined to prevent his life falling apart. But his plan to solve his problems lead him to a place that should only exist in his nightmares.

Peggy is shocked to discover Joe’s secret but her own life is becoming increasingly complicated and she is struggling to cope. But then things take a sinister turn and when she turns to a surprising source for help, the decision will threaten everything she holds dear.

Pam returns to France only to find that her new job is not what it seems. But by the time she realises the truth its much too late.

Olive has a new love so she is horrified to discover that Kurt is on his way to see her. Determined that he won’t have a chance to destroy her life she plans a special welcome. But will she really have the nerve to carry it out?

Marcel is delighted to discover that Jeanne has survived but now he is torn between the two loves of his life. How can he choose between them?

Louis is still trying to find Brigitte but his search leads him in an unexpected direction.

Brigitte has finally realised that she has to escape, but if she doesn’t plan carefully it is likely to be the last thing she does.

Contains adult content

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